Regina Daniels’ father and mother

Who are Regina Daniels parents? Regina isn`t a scandalous person, she doesn`t sound rude to the press and is always very friendly to everyone.

“I don`t know my father very much, but my mother is holy,” – Regina says. The girl, most of all, loves her mother, she is her best friend, assistant and the most beautiful woman. Rita Daniels is the mother of the shining Nollywood star. She is known in broad actors’ circles so it was Rita who helped her daughter to make the first step into the world of Nigerian cinema.

Regina with her mother.

Rita Daniels began her career in her early childhood in the local Anglican church. For the actress, it was the most wonderful time, as she likes to remember. Rita Daniels is talented in everything. She is a multi-faceted person. Now Rita Daniels works as a PR-director and manager of her daughter, as well as director of the Regina Daniels Charity Foundation.

About the girl’s father, nothing is known about. Regina and her family don`t share information about him.

Regina loves her mother very much

Regina Daniels’ siblings

Regina Daniels has five brothers and sisters whom she loves and always laughs when someone asks her who is her favorite brother or sister. She is the fifth child in her big and friendly family. Regina has three older brothers and two sisters: Samuel Daniels, Lawrence Daniels, Emmanuel Daniels, Ifeoma Daniels, and Destiny Daniels.

Samuel and Lawrence are in the music industry. Her older sister, Ifeoma is happily in married. Regina’s younger sister, Destiny, is still in secondary school.

When Regina has free time, she gladly spends it with her family. They usually arrange family dinners, go out together or play games. The girl doesn`t often share photos with her family, because she wants to protect them from the negative effects of too much exposure.

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