How To Make Sure You Get Plenty Money On Your Wedding Day

Getting money on your wedding day can be really tricky, but needed.  No one wants to beg for money but you definitely won’t mind the extra bucks. So we’re here to teach you how to make people appear with money spraying guns at your wedding. You’re welcome.

Here are tips on how to get plenty money on your wedding day:

1.  Show up for others

Everybody loves a reliable person, and people give money to people they love! Not all the time though… But, there’s a higher chance of getting money from people you’ve turned up for before, than the ones who have never seen your break light.

2. Make the right friends

It’s okay to have rich friends, but you’ll realize that their financial status are the real MVP’s. They will in the end, be the ones to go an extra mile, or give you money because they know you’ll need it

3. Dance, dance, dance

People are moved to give and/or spray money when they see all your ‘komole’  moves on the dance floor. So tell your husband so both of you can shake it! But please don’t break it.

money on your wedding day

4. Have someone you can trust

Half the time, people don’t realize that they actually got a lot of money on their wedding day because most of it was probably taken by those picking it. The best way to make sure all your money is intact, is to have someone you can trust to keep it well.

Money on your wedding day)

5. Be a good person

Not because you want to get money, you’ll pretend just for a few weeks to your wedding… No! lol! It doesn’t work like that. Be genuinely helpful and kind and useful. People will want to appreciate you, and the easiest avenue for them is on your wedding day.

Plenty money on your wedding day awaits!

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