A 58-year-old man on parole stabbed his wife to death on Monday, before making multiple phone calls to admit to the crime, police say.

Virgil Solis allegedly disemboweled Valerie Solis, 53, in her seventh-floor Bronx apartment on Monday morning, law enforcement sources said.

A friend of Valerie told the news men he made a particularly disturbing call to father of the woman’s daughter, and continued calling into the night.

The friend, known only as Sasha, said he told the man: ‘Go get your daughter – I just killed her mother’.

Virgil Solis has been charged with the gruesome murder of Valerie Solis after allegedly disemboweling her before making a series of disturbing calls to her daughter’s father
Valerie (pictured) and Solis were married, but did not live together, friends said

In later calls, Solis allegedly told him he would be coming to Valerie’s funeral.

At the time of the murder, Solis had been recently released from prison after serving 18 years for the brutal assault of a woman who had refused to have sex with him, law enforcement sources told the Post.

After allegedly stabbing his wife several times, it’s claimed Solis made calls to his parole officer and a counselor at the Manhattan Psychiatric Center, where he lives, the zolex reported.

Solis also texted his step-daughter about her mother’s murder, sources told the paper.

Solis allegedly stabbed his wife inside her New York apartment (pictured) on Monday morning
Solis allegedly stabbed his wife inside her New York apartment on Monday morning

Valerie was pronounced dead at the scene, and police say she suffered a severe stab wound to her stomach.

When officers arrived at the apartment on Southern Boulevard, Solis was nowhere to be found.

He was eventually arrested about 8pm in Manhattan and charged with murder, manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon.

Friend Trina Nimmons told the Daily News Valerie was ‘the world to everybody’.

‘It’s terrible she had to die this way. She leaves a grown daughter,’ she said.


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