God saved me again this morning from being stabbed to death. Surprisingly the case was reported to police station and the police man on duty ask the victim to go and treat the criminal. What a country

This guy here and his accomplice robbed me off my phones and cash this morning at around 6:10am at Eliozu, Port Harcourt
Unluckily for them, they went to the main road after robbing me, i used the opportunity to shout thief, thief thief!!!.
one escaped through bush path but this unlucky one was caught and mercilessly dealt with.
My Phones were recovered from him but he second escaped with the cash.

We were taken to the police station, the stupid policemen there told me to treat him. (What a country!). I was like, are you police men for real? I was robbed of my phones and cash. They slapped me and threaten to stab me, he was caught and beaten and you say i should treat him?

I just felt pity on the thief, when he started begging me, i told the police men that i have forgiven him, but he should go treat himself.

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