Mr Nnamdi Kanu may be overreaching himself.


He may have missed a fundamental fact about Igbos- we have no king and we burn our idols when they outlive their usefulness. If threatening violence and rage is his latest tactics, then he need not worry about Buhari any longer. It is his very own kinsmen who will fish him out and place him where he needs to be.

Let me repeat- anyone hoping to create tension in Igboland right now must be regarded as the enemy of our collective aspirations. Nnamdi Kanu and his group have no right to dictate to Ndigbo.

His threats are childish and his electing to mention his dead dog in the same sentence as the hundreds of innocent youths killed on account of his lack of tact confirms very much what I had always believed – this man sees Igbo youths as cannon fodder that can always be sacrificed for his ego.

Let me now advice anyone who cherishes his life to desist from identitying with Mr Kanu and the IPOB. He will run away after setting us up to be killed. He has MOSSAD protecting him. Who is protecting you and I from the “Zoo soldiers?” We must now use our tongue to count our teeth.

Here is my position – I will mobilize Ndi Igbo of all ages to vote in the next election for quality candidates. I will encourage our people to take greater responsibility for our leadership choices. I will most especially advice that we keep watch on our elected officials to make sure that they do not derail.

We lampooned Buhari for killing our youth. Now it is clear Mr Kanu sacrificed our youths for his ego.

Our duty now is to stop Mr Kanu and co from his egoistic mission of mass destruction. Parents warn your children. MOSSAD is protecting Kanu (I don’t know how true that is). His friends Uche Mefor and co live in the UK. None will be there when the battle begins. They will only scream on radio and seek to create popularity through the death of innocent folks. Onye agbogburu ka a gbara- remember.

It’s time to show Kanu and co who really we are and how we do things.

Get ready. Interesting days ahead.

created to Mr Dodoh Okafor. umuahia, Abia state.

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