A touching  video shows a Dog waits in busy road for more than two months after its owner died there

The dog has been “standing guard” in Hohhot, China, as it mourns its owner.
Heartbreaking footage captures a loyal dog mourn its owner at the spot at which he died on a busy road.
The animal has been waiting beside the dual-carriageway for more than two months since its owner died on August 21.
Motorists have reported seeing the dog “standing guard” and have tried to find it in Hohhot, China.
“Drivers often give the little dog bits of food, but when we get out, he goes away,” one taxi driver told BBC News.
He added: “This owner’s relationship with her dog was very deep. After she was killed, this little dog has just stayed standing guard.
“Every day it’s in the road, I always see it. The relationship between man and dog is so true.”
The dog has been waiting at the spot at which his owner died for the two months since (Image: Pear Video)
The footage has been viewed more than 1.4 million times online.
Many people have commented on the “loyalty” of the animal on social media, while others have expressed concerns for its safety.
One person said: “This little dog is so loyal. My family used to have a dog and every day it would wait for me by the village school.”

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