Wicked! Young Ghanaian man expose photos of 23 girls he’s slept with on social media

Be careful when a guy is taking your pictures after sex . He may not mean well . The Ghanaian social media space has been hit with yet another explosive scandal following a young man’s controversial decision to release photos of ladies he has supposedly been sleeping with over a period of time. Already, the young man, identified as Moses Sakala, has reportedly shared photos of 23 ladies he has slept with on his timeline.

It is not known what might have caused the decision to bring out such photos but the images have got social media buzzing.

According to those who have insight into the matter, Sakala was a womaniser who could sleep with three different girls in one day.

“He is called Moses Sakala he has been using girls anyhow. Within a day he would sleep with three 3 different women. Let’s expose him please. He has used so many ladies please help for a change,” one Facebook page which also shared the photos stated.

Since the photos emerged many people have shared different opinions. While some have blasted Sakala, others have praised him.

Amanda who seemed not to like Sakala’s move stated that it should not always be the lady’s fault in such a case.  Scazy asked Sakala to choose one lady to be with. But Lewis supported saying only money-conscious girls will fall victim.

Ayuba will be cool with Sakala if he has not been using juju to lure the women: Lewis asked for people to allow Sakala to have his time.

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