Suspected ritualist suffers severe beating for allegedly stealing ladies’ panties in Enugu

A suspected ritualist was beaten to a pulp and narrowly escaped being lynched after he was allegedly caught stealing ladies’ panties in Anambra.
The incident, reports say, occurred in the Mgbakwu area of the state on Wednesday.
The suspect, from Umuneke in Enugu, was identified only as Ifeanyi. He reportedly confessed that he had already stolen over 58 women panties before he ran out of luck.
Ifeanyi, on the day of his arrest, had allegedly broken into a house around 2am and was stocking the underwear when he was seen by a lady who was out to urinate.
The suspect reportedly claimed to be selling the underwear to one Emeka Ofor at the rate of N500 in Enugu. Ifeanyi, unconfirmed reports say, was freed after he was thoroughly beaten.
Since the story broke, Ifeanyi’s swollen face has quickly become a subject of memes on the internet.
But beyond the amusement, is a serious concern that ladies are increasingly being targeted by desperate wealth seekers for ritual purposes. The reports of such incidents have sparked trepidation among young females, but no known suspect has been arrested and charged to court.

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